The Young Working Professionals

The Young Working Professionals met each other in college. Neither came from a family of privilege, but both are industrious and have a limitless love of learning. While their ambition is admirable, his medical school education was not cheap and her road to becoming a local university professor was a long one.

Now he just made partner at the hospital and she has achieved tenure. Suddenly they are making fantastic money, but have never had to plan for such a moment and need some guidance. Above all, they want to live a comfortable life and plan for a family.

By getting to know the couples’ most important values, Tellone Financial helped the Young Working Professionals with tax planning and preparation to maximize their take home dollars. The extra savings definitely complemented an aggressive debt pay down strategy to quickly eliminate their education debt. The two are excited to be in escrow for their first home. In preparation, they worked with the Tellone team for estate planning and insurance needs to ensure adequate protection for each other. They now have a shared vision and know that the future is bright.

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