The Pre-Retired Baby Boomer

The Pre-Retired Baby Boomer has spent the past three years wondering if she has saved enough to retire. Although capable and experienced, after bouncing around to various companies during recent years, she doesn’t have the passion to continue working full-time in the sales manager role. Managing territories across the nation used to be exciting and a constant adventure. Now it is simply exhausting.

When she first contacted the Tellone office, the Pre-Retired Baby Boomer nervously asked, “Can I retire?” Upon being questioned about what a retirement lifestyle meant to her, she replied, “I never really thought that far.” It turned about that she always figured that being able to retire was about reaching some mystical number of dollars. After continued dialogue and deeper discovery into her most meaningful personal goals, she was able to attain an understanding of how her actions before and after retirement impacted the sustainability of a secure retirement.

With vigor and purpose, she kept working for three more years to build a more robust retirement portfolio by maxing out savings in both pre-tax and after-tax accounts. Tellone Financial was able to offer strategies on how to consolidate and simplify her financial accounts, including four separate 401(k) and IRA related accounts from past employers. She had never before thought about managing her investments with a single overarching strategy because she had always been too busy focused on the day-to-day demands of life. With a team at her side, the Pre-Retired Baby Boomer feels at ease as she transitions to the world of retirement.

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