The Golden Year Couple

The Golden Year Couple feels fortunate by many measures, as their decisions earlier in life have prepared them for a comfortable retirement phase. Their main focus now is protecting the nest egg, volunteering at the local church, and spending time with close friends and loved ones, including their 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

The reality, however, is that their grown children’s lives have gone in directions unplanned. One son lives with a physical disability that requires outside assistance. One daughter is currently experiencing the pains of a difficult divorce. The Golden Year Couple cares deeply for their family and wants to ensure that their legacy passes efficiently and effectively to their heirs and foundations.

When the Golden Year Couple first came to Tellone Financial, they they valued the small office family focus. Tellone Financial was able to offer strategies of how to structure their investments to match both short-term income and long-term growth objectives. Reevaluation of the estate plan ensured that they were spending their golden years doing the things that were the most meaningful to them. Furthermore, the Tellone team extended their services to the children to maintain continuity. The Golden Year Couple is relieved to have a financial partner that understands their family dynamics and works to protect the prosperity of the family for generations to come.

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