The Entrepeneur

The Entrepreneur started his company at the young age of 32. Through much sweat and dedication, his company has grown beyond his wildest dreams. Now he is in his mid-50s, runs the company with his wife, and is raising two teenage children.

While he enjoys what he does for a living and is filled with gratitude, he wants to ensure that the hard work will provide for his family’s current and future lifestyle. Above all, he knows that he would like to get to a point where he can enjoy more time with the family and truly retire.

By working with Tellone Financial, he is able to maximize his retirement savings and minimize income taxes through tax planning and investment management strategies for the company retirement plan. He now feels comfortable that he has properly saved for his children’s college education at the family alma mater. Additionally, he is in negotiations to sell his business within the upcoming years to unlock value both through an upfront cash payment and reliable stream of income for his retirement years.

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