The Disciplined Savers

The Disciplined Savers always play by the rules: work diligently, contribute to your 401k, spend less than you earn. He worked at an engineering firm for his entire career and she as a nurse.

Now they are retired and living in a world where savers are not rewarded for putting money in a savings account or bank CD. The stock market has done well the past few years but since they have spent decades building their savings, they are extremely conservative and weary of any market volatility. This couple does not wish for an extravagant lifestyle. They just want to ensure independence and the ability to reap the benefits of a lifetime of hard work. They are clearly not looking for excessive returns but feel that they should be able to safely find a solution to keep up with inflation.

After sitting down with the couple, we were able to determine solutions for a reliable fixed income source that was not correlated to the stock market, nor subject to rising interest rate risks. Now they have a nest egg that works hard for them, just as they worked hard to achieve the funds in the first place. They take distributions as needed and have confidence that they will not have to compromise their modest retirement lifestyle.

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