Asset Management


Active Management for an Active Market

The markets are always adjusting to new information and expectations.  Therefore, investing requires an ongoing assessment of the changing landscape of opportunities.  As such, Tellone Management Group is not a “Buy and Hold” investment advisor.  We go beyond with ACTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT that seeks to capitalize on both overbought and oversold conditions in the market, prioritizes quality stock ownership with upside potential, and proactively adjusts investment exposure to adapt to the current market environment.

Sort the “News” from the “Noise”
With the constant flow of information in today’s world, managing your investments is an ongoing commitment.  We embrace that responsibility wholeheartedly. Decades of investment experience that span multiple business cycles and top-tier investment professional credentials demonstrate our ability to make prudent investment decisions.  We are not shaken by short-term swings in sentiment, nor are we blissfully ignorant to potential challenges.  Our knowledge from time and education is an indispensable asset in managing portfolios built to last.

Your Best Interest Comes First

The fiduciary standard of care requires that a financial adviser act solely in the client’s best interest when offering personalized financial advice. We have adopted this stance of putting client’s first since day one.  We stand for transparency in our reasoning and our investment management because it is the right way to operate.  This is aided by the fact that we are independent, fee-only, and 100% employee-owned, meaning that our solutions are based on your needs, period.  We are not swayed by outside shareholders, quarterly earnings announcements, commission payments, or corporate mandates.

Invest for the Right Reasons

Asset management is a means to an end.  This is the process that aims to maximize and maintain wealth in order to live your values and realize your goals.  While specific goals may vary over a life span, proper investing within the scope of wealth management seeks to provide a pathway to your ideal life.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Disciplined risk management is a major part of our portfolio construction.  While it is important to understand that investments do not always move in a straight line, we work hard to smooth out the ride.  By appropriately limiting risk in a variety of ways and preserving your assets during times of volatility, you are able to put those assets to work for future growth and stay on track for the long-term.


Match Investments with Timetable of Goals

A main focus for investors is having their funds available when needed.  This requires expectations of time horizon to be identified and aligned from the onset.  We provide solutions to match your income needs.

Diversification and Asset Allocation

Diversified portfolios are built to last.  They are resilient and dependable.  The portfolios we manage are diversified across assets classes and industries.  Allocations are reviewed regularly and adjusted based on short-term and long-term opportunities.

Volatility as an Ally

Some see volatility as a necessary evil when investing.  We see a plethora of benefits associated with market movements.  We understand that watching your money fluctuate is no fun, but when you go beyond emotions and look deeper at the fundamental and technical factors of markets, opportunities emerge from volatility.  We champion the use of conservative option strategies to generate additional income to dampen overall account volatility.  Just like an expert shopper at the mall, we are always looking for “bargains.” 

Tax-Efficient Management

You work hard to earn a living for yourself and your family.  However, it is not just about what you make, it is what you keep that matters most.  By having an in-office tax department that works directly with investment advisors, clients are assured that their wealth accumulation strategies and financial goals are synchronized with their tax plans.

Flexible & Nimble

Our philosophy of active management means that we are proactive in identifying trends and making necessary adjustments.  We have full discretion to protect and grow your assets.  When we make an investment decision, we act swiftly. 


Team Based Approach

All investment decisions go through the Investment Committee, which is comprised of three generations of investment professionals.  This collaborative effort encourages engaged dialogue and the vetting of investment ideas to promote a better end result.

Rebalance with Technology

We invest in ourselves so that we may better invest for you.  Utilizing top level portfolio management technology, we maintain streamlined, efficient, and effective investment processes.  Our investment management is scalable to allow for all accounts to participate fairly and equally in all investment decisions.

Research, Analyze, Act, Repeat

A successful investment is determined by a multitude of factors.  This means that we must constantly analyze macroeconomic and geopolitical trends, market movements, investor sentiment, and individual company fundamentals.  Staying on top of quarterly company earnings announcements and daily news is all part of determining financial health, profitability, catalysts, and risks.  Whether “Buy, Sell, or Hold,” we operate with a mindset seeking to maximize future income and growth.

How Else Can We Serve You?